Learn To Fly Fish, Kayak, Paddleboard & Sail at the Tides


Our location on a lush peninsula near the Chesapeake Bay offers the opportunity to enjoy many watersports right from the resort.  Our new “Learn-To” Series” introduces guests to the necessary basics and core techniques needed to master four fun watersports: fly fishing, kayaking, sailing and paddleboarding. Once the basics are mastered, each can be enjoyed as a rewarding solitary sport, or as a fun activity with friends and family.

Learn to fly fish with our local expert, Captain Chris Newsome, Saturday May 3 and you’ll fall in love with this beautiful sport. Many consider fly casting an art to be perfected over the years while appreciating the beauty of nature’s lakes, rivers and bays. Practice casting on the lake at our Golden Eagle course, and you’ll soon be branching out to salt water fishing in the bay.

Learn to Kayak Saturday June 7 with a seasoned outfitter who will have you paddling out to the cove with confidence.  By Sunday, you’ll be able to do a self-guided kayak tour on Carter’s Creek, launching from the resort grounds.

Learn to Sail at our on-site school, Premiere Sailing, which has boats suited for kids and adults.  Mastering the art of the ropes, sails and going with the wind is immensely rewarding and a great family bonding experience.  Enjoy on most Saturdays throughout the summer.

Learn to Paddleboard Saturday July 12. This is one of the newer sports in our arsenal but guests love it for exploring the coves along gentle Carter’s Creek. Adventurous guests will want to do a downward dog or warrior pose, which can be perfected in our ongoing Yoga classes.

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