Wet Workouts


The Tides marina is stocked with an assortment of water toys, like the water bikes pictured above, that make it easy for guests to get out on the water and burn some calories while having fun on vacation.  Paddleboats, water bikes, paddleboards, kayaks and canoes are great for boosting the heart rate and increasing muscle strength while taking in the natural beauty of the peninsula. Pick up a map of Carter’s Creek at our marina office for self-guided water tours and wildlife likley to be spotted.

Paddleboats, built for two people to pedal together, work the leg muscles and provide a moderate cardio workout.

Water bikes are faster than paddleboats and easier to learn than riding a bike. Pedal hard and it’s possible to burn 300 calories an hour.

SUP, or standup paddleboarding, is a great way to sculpt the body. Learn the right moves at our 90-minute class and take it to the next level with paddleboard yoga.

Paddling a kayak is a terrific upper body-centric cardio workout.

Canoeing is another low-impact activitiy to improve aerobic fitness and strength while river touring on gentle Carter’s Creek.

After a good day’s workout, snag a seat on the Terrace Lounge with an aperitif and watch another brilliant summer sunset at the Tides Inn.

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