Historic Williamsburg, VA Tourism

Travel back to Colonial America in historic Williamsburg, where dozens of original homes and buildings—most on their original foundations—show what life was like in the 18th century. Discover rare breeds of animals, beautifully restored gardens, intriguing trades and shops that capture the spirit of those years when colonists met in taverns to plan their revolution against the British crown.

Williamsburg, VA tourism lets you enjoy the sights and sounds of the 18th century and experience life as it was in our nation’s yesterdays. Guests of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area explore scores of original buildings, homes, and shops reconstructed on 301 acres. See The Magazine, the colonial arsenal housing a collection of muskets and cannons. Take part in musket-firing demonstrations and drills, watch the militia, and listen to the fife and drums. Pretend you are justices, defendants and witnesses at The Courthouse, and then swing into Chowning’s Tavern—one of the most popular places for BBQ, beers and ales.

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