Rappahannock River Fishing & Boating

The waters of the Rappahannock River, the Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay and their tributaries provide a haven for boaters and water enthusiasts, and have supported a fishing industry for generations. Colonial architecture, small-town charm, seventeen museums, historic sites and retail shops attract visitors to the area.

At the Essex County Museum and Historical Society in the Tappahannock historic district, exhibits feature Rappahannock River fishing, theater and steamboats as well as the Rappahannock Indians, African-Americans, and Colonial and Confederate eras.

Views of the river are part of the fun at the Morattico Waterfront Museum, housed in the 1901 Morattico General Store building overlooking both the Rappahannock River and Lancaster Creek.

The Tides Marina is located 11 miles up the Rappahannock River from Windmill Point on the Chesapeake Bay in the natural harbor of Carters Creek. Learn to sail in a safe, friendly, and fun environment with Premier Sailing School, which lets you hit the open waters of the Rappahannock River as well as Carters Creek and the Chesapeake Bay.

For more information on Rappahannock River fishing and area attractions, call the Tides Inn Activities Team at 804.438.4489.