State Parks & Recreation

Choose from a variety of beautiful Virginia state parks and recreation areas around the Tides Inn:

Caledon Natural Area

This 2,579 acres along the Potomac River has one of the largest concentrations of bald eagles on the East Coast. Bald eagle observation tours, picnicking, hiking trails, educational programs, information center and gift shop. Route 218, King George County, VA,, 540.663.3861 or 800.933.PARK.

Westmoreland State Park

Facilities include boat ramp, hiking trails, sandy beach and pool. The Potomac River Retreat at Westmoreland State Park offers an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this historic river. This unique abode is perfect for any occasion: reunions, meetings, retreats, conferences or just a simple vacation. Westmoreland County, VA,, 804.493.8821 or 800.933.PARK.

Belle Isle State Park

Nestled on a secluded peninsula at the confluence of Deep Creek and the Rappahannock River on Virginia’s Northern Neck, offering hiking, canoeing, bridle path, and boat rentals. Lancaster County, VA,, 804.462.5030 or 800.933.PARK.

Northern Neck Birding Trail

Running though the cradle of the nation’s birthplace, the 21-site Coastal Northern Neck Loop of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail features a wide diversity of songbirds, wading birds, waterfowl, bald eagles and butterflies in a multitude of habitats—salt and freshwater marshes, croplands and open fields.

For more information on Virginia state parks and recreation, call the Tides Inn Activities Team at 804.438.4489.