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Vorin Jumel Bottle

Nothing celebrates like Champagne!  One of my absolute favorites is the Voirin-Jumel, Blanc de Blancs 1er Cru Brut.  

The Voirin-Jumel family are fourth-generation growers in Champagne, France.  By French law, all the grapes used in their wines must come from their own vineyards.  This small, family-run business produces only 100,000 bottles a year.  I'll put that in perspective: their neighbor is Moet Chandon, specifically the vineyards used exclusively in the making of Dom Perignon. In a single year, Dom Perignon will spill more wine than Voirin-Jumel makes.

From these ideally situated vineyards, the Voirin-Jumel family produces an outstanding wine, one that is very pale with those very desirable, tiny bubbles. The nose on the wine is of chalk and minerals, very indicative of the soil in Champagne. This minerality stays on the mouth, but the wine is rich and creamy.  This blanc de blancs (meaning a white wine made from white grapes) is 100% Chardonnay, one of the classic grapes of Champagne, so there is an abundance of citrus flavors.

This is a beautiful Champagne made just a stone's throw from Dom Perignon and offered at a fraction of the price. We have it on our wine list, so next time you're on a romantic getaway in Virginia or visiting our Chesapeake Bay resort, give it a try.  

Now, what shall we celebrate? 

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