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Two-Wheel Tourism Gaining Speed

Getting Ready For A Bike Ride Outside Of Tides

Successful Meetings recently ran a story by Alex Palmer about how "borrowable bikes are an increasingly popular hotel offering for meetings attendees." He talks about our Chesapeake Bay resort being a good fit for gatherings outside the hustle and bustle of an urban environment and highlights our fleet of bicycles.

Over the years, both meeting attendees and leisure guests have enjoyed borrowing our bicycles, complete with baskets and helmets.  The flat terrain and gentle traffic make bicycling a pleasure, and the Victoran houses, gardens, open fields and steepled churches make the ride a visual pleasure.

The process couldn't be easier: Walk out the front door and select a bike--our bellmen can help choose one just right for your height and adjust the seat for you, and they've even been known to teach kids to ride bikes.  Pedal past the par-3 greens and onto gracious King Carter Drive and you're on your way to explore shops, galleries, history, epicurean treats and just cycling around the sweet town of Irvington.

Groups may participate in a four-hour "Wheels & Wine" tour which includes a wicker picnic basket and seeing a bit of the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail.  Leisure guests may sign up for guided bicycle tours led by a local historian.  And any guest may grab a bike and go for a ride whenever they please. 

Tides Ridin Into The Wind

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