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Crabbing on the Creek

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By Rebecca Riley, Activities Team

In today's high tech, digital world of buttons and beeps, nothing is more refreshing than watching kids have a blast with chicken, string and some old-fashioned crabbing. It's one of the many activities we offer and children especially seem to love it.

Crabbing season is underway at the Tides Inn.

Today I heard screams and squeals of delight as I walked along the boardwalk by Carters Creek and watched a young girl of seven net a crab that her brother had patiently lured in.  Looks of concentration turned to exuberance as the two lifted the net from the water and dumped the crab onto the sandy beach.

I moved closer; I wanted to show them how to paralyze the crab by flipping him over and rubbing his belly.

Alas! The crab was too quick and made a break for it back to the water!

"Get him again!" I told them.

The two grinned and sunk their bait back in the water, eager for a new challenge.

Here at the Tides, we offer a "Sneak Peek at the Creek" every afternoon where we educate novices on crabbing technique (it's so sophisticated!). We always have chicken and string available for crabbing at your leisure, so just stop by the activities desk and we'll get you set up.

If you love blue crabs, the town of Irvington holds a crab festival in July where you can eat your fill of the finest blue crabs in the world, caught right here in the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Mark your calendar and we hope to see you then!

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