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Captains of the Coves

Captains of the Coves

by Rebecca Riley, Activities Team

               Tides Inn Cove Cruise


I could listen to Captain Bill for hours.  He has been gifting Tides Inn guests with interesting Carters Creek tidbits for nine years on our daily Cove Cruises. Recently, I sat with the afternoon sun at my back and the breeze in my hair while Captain Bill entertained me with stories about Carters Creek.

He grew up in the sleepy town of Mollusk, located on the Rappahannock River just 18 miles away from Irvington. His dad was a commercial fisherman and, as a little boy, Bill helped him dredge for oysters. Growing up, he would wade out in the grass flats of the local creeks to catch soft shell crabs for spending money. He built special rafts with holes to trap the crabs and separate out the soft shells from the peelers. Simple ingenuity.

Like all our Cove Cruise Captains, Bill's obvious love of the Chesapeake shines through as he recounts a drama he saw unfold in the sky the other day. "We saw three osprey come up from a dive with fish in their bills, then all of a sudden, two bald eagles pursued the osprey as they swooped away."

He keeps a good watch on the osprey, knowing they return from their South American winter vacation by March 1 in time to lay their eggs the first week of April.

Our Cove Cruise Captains have taught us a lot about the history and inhabitants of Carters Creek.

You can take the one-hour Cove Cruise with one of our knowledgeable captains daily at 2 pm, weather permitting. 


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