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Spa Treatments of
Chesapeake Bay

A relaxing, intimate environment for those who choose to unwind, stop the clock and take a moment for themselves, the Journey spa® is a mix of therapeutic, pampering and deeply rejuvenating treatments. Everyone from the spa novice to the spa pro will find something to enjoy…ranging from time with friends or a partner in our nail salon, to nurturing individual treatments. Guests are invited to let go of stress and experience the personalized care of this Virginia destination spa, a haven of tranquility.

Choose from a variety of:

A relaxing full service spa in Chesapeake Bay.

For reservations and information on these Journey spa® treatments, please call 804.438.4430 or email

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Body Treatments

Signature Tides of Change Body Treatment
Listen to calming sounds of the ocean while sore muscles and joints are soothed as you lie beneath warmed towels. A full body exfoliation using organic body polish rich with sea minerals is followed by a massage using a blend of hydrating marine oils. You will leave feeling refreshed, revitalized, and polished to perfection.

60 minutes $120 / 90 minutes $165


Tide and Thyme
A beautiful treatment designed to release stress and hydrate the body. To begin, a body polish using thyme oil brings out the skin’s natural glow, preparing it for a hydrating wrap of whipped shea butter with herbal essences to energize the body. A scalp massage with jasmine oil relaxes the mind, and a mini-facial massage and reflexology treatment leave the entire body feeling rejuvenated.

90 minutes $165


Ginger Zest
This treatment begins with a warming, organic ginger and honey body scrub followed by a deep massage to melt away any tension. You will feel a radiant glow from within and a new zest for life after this treatment.

60 minutes $120 / 90 minutes $165 (the 90 minute treatment includes a hot stone massage)


Ocean Energy
This marine-inspired treatment begins with a light exfoliation and generous application of mineral-rich ocean clay containing powerful detoxifying, anti-nflammatory properties. The benefits of this clay wrap are intensified with the addition of lavender and rosemary. After showering off the clay, your choice of an oil or lotion infused with native herbs is applied to leave skin soft and glowing.

90 minutes $165


For reservations and information on Journey spa®, please call 804.438.4430 or email



Ginger Essence Hot Stone Massage
The healing properties of ginger and hot stones relieve tight muscles in this massage that begins with soothing, hot towel compresses. Slow and deep strokes, gentle stretches, and hot stones infuse ginger essence into the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and peaceful.

60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $160


Wild Jasmine Mist Massage
A Swedish-style massage to inspire the senses. Light-scented night jasmine oil soothes skin while calming the mind. Includes a face massage to leave you feeling relaxed, soft and radiant.

60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $160


Arnica Intensive Massage
A combination of deep tissue, sports stretches, compressions and other massage techniques using arnica oil to help restore mobility, vitality and body comfort, leaving you feeling invigorated.

60 minutes $125 / 90 minutes $170


Intentional Aromatherapy Massage
Massages can become more meaningful when intentions are expressed and paired with powerful essential oils. This treatment combines a dry body brush exfoliation with a light,flowing massage and finishes with a warm wrap, allowing time for relaxation of the body, calming of the mind and release of the spirit.

90 minutes $160


Mother-To-Be Massage
Designed to nurture both mother and baby, this gentle massage brings care and support to the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. A blend of safe, organic oils nourish skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. A relaxing massage to bring body, mind and spirit into a state of peaceful content.

60 minutes $115


Deep Tissue Massage
This regenerative massage uses a variety of muscle release techniques that target chronically tense areas in order to relieve muscle soreness resulting from overexertion.

60 minutes $125 / 90 minutes $170


Custom Massage
Our therapists will customize a massage based on your needs using a variety of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Reflexology. To receive the most benefit from this treatment, please communicate your intention for the session at the time of booking. Your therapist will choose specific massage oils and techniques to ensure the best results.

60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $160


For reservations and information on Journey spa®, please call 804.438.4430 or email



At Journey spa®, our facial treatments incorporate pure ingredients and advanced skincare techniques, providing a holistic and effective approach to healthy and luminous skin.


Journey spa® Signature Facial
Our most popular facial, uses organic and natural products to cleanse, calm, nourish, protect and balance your particular skin type. You will leave with glowing, clean skin.

60 minutes $120 / 90 minutes $165


Regenerative Facial
This nourishing facial stimulates collagen production to renew skin’s elasticity, targeting fine lines and wrinkles. You will see and feel immediate results with hydrated and radiant skin.

60 minutes $120 / 90 minutes $165


Men’s Journey Facial
This results-oriented treatment combines deep cleansing with calming and clarifying properties to effectively treat congestion and irritation that occur as a result of athletic activities and frequent shaving. An energizing scalp treatment is included in the 90-minute option to promote deeper relaxation. Please shave at least 4-8 hours prior.

60 minutes $120 / 90 minutes $165


For reservations and information on Journey spa®, please call 804.438.4430 or email


Nails, Makeup & Waxing Services

Nail Care Treatments
Petite Manicure or Pedicure: Healthy products are utilized for a simple cuticle clean up, nail shaping, filing and polish application.

Manicure 30 minutes $35 / Pedicure 30 minutes $45

Men’s Journey Pedicure: 60 minutes $55
Journey spa® Manicure: 60 minutes $55
Journey spa® Pedicure: 60 minutes $65
French Polish can be added to any of the above nail
services for an additional $10.


Experience the weightless benefits of 100% natural mineral makeup. Whether preparing for a special occasion or seeking a new look, our trained professionals can show you the color palette to bring out the best in you.

Make-up application $55
Make-up lesson $75


Lip or Chin $20
Eyebrows $25
Underarms $30
Inquire about other hair removal services.


For reservations and information on Journey spa®, please call 804.438.4430 or email


Specialty Offerings

Journey spa® Treatment
Your journey to relaxation begins with a private consultation that will set the path for your therapist to create a multifaceted treatment addressing your specific needs. Elements of traditional massage, reflexology and aromatic oils may be selected to achieve the desired result. You will leave feeling renewed and refreshed.

90 minutes $185


Jasmine Scalp Massage
Warm, nourishing oils are gently poured onto the scalp and slowly massaged into the hair, creating a soothing sensation that stimulates healing and brings healthy shine and luster to hair. This treatment can be added to most massage or body treatments.

30 Minutes $75


Reflexology is a technique where pressure is placed on specific points of the hands and feet affecting corresponding areas and organs of the body, alleviating discomfort, congestion and stress. This treatment can be added to most massage or body treatments.

30 Minutes $75/ 60 Minutes $115


For reservations and information on Journey spa®, please call 804.438.4430 or email


Spa Tranquility Package


Bridal Spa Packages