Corporate Teambuilding Events in Virginia

The Tides Inn offers a wide variety of unique activities to build camaraderie, improve communications and create cohesion within your organization. The following are just a few of the many teambuilding possibilities:


Our Boat Regatta is based on the ambitious notion that teams can build a boat from a few meager supplies and design it in a way that it will win a bona fide regatta at “sea”- carrying one passenger!

Our “first mates” are on hand to add fun and humor to this entertaining event. Groups quickly learn teamwork, relationship building and creative problem solving which are essential to be successful. After completion of the creation, a sailor boards the homemade vessel and paddles the length of the pool.

Sailboat Racing

Our onsite sailing school, Premier sailing,
offers team building through sailboat racing. Use racing to build your team’s confidence and help them work together. No previous sailing experience is necessary. Each boat (J24 or cal30) can accommodate four.

Races begin right in front of the Tides Inn and are fun for the whole group to watch. Or let Premier sailing customize a sailing trip to meet the needs of your group.

Glow-in-the-Dark Golf Challenge

If your group comes alive at night, this is the thing to do! Challenge your opponents to a fun, one of a kind putting match. You will not recognize the course after it is transformed and glowing. It adds a whole new twist to the game, even for the top of the line players.

The Ultimate Challenge

This event is an adventure you absolutely don’t want to miss! It takes place at various outlets through the resort and challenges your team mentally and physically! Participants must pass each challenge to earn a valuable item. At the end of all the challenges, the teams must build a particular object using their items and test its purpose. The team to successfully build its creation passes “The Ultimate Challenge”.


Attention! Inviting all builders - now is your chance to show off! With just a few basic supplies, construct a shelter for your group. The challenge, once done you must try to keep your team safe as you take shelter from the opposing team who will be trying to destroy your “hut” and capture your team. The team with the greater number of “safe” people wins. This is the activity for your group if you’re looking for an afternoon of laughs and team building - literally!

Kayak Relay Race

Test your group’s speed on the water with an all-out race to the finish! Race around a buoy near the mouth of Carters Creek. Flags for each participant will be attached to the buoy.

Participants will race to the buoy, rip off their flag, and race back to the shore to hand their water craft off to any remaining team members. The team back to shore in the shortest amount of time wins.

Prizes may also be awarded for the individual group member with the fastest time. Get ready for a real work-out! There’s nothing like some fun in the sun and water, along with some lively competition, to make a real photo finish.

Tides Olympics

Our Beach Olympics competition is an extraordinary experience that motivates, challenges, and brings your group together in a way they’ve never encountered before. Emphasis is placed on team participation and fun, rather than individual play and skill. Our goal is to create a lasting sense of camaraderie and friendly team spirit through fun and games. The playing area is set on our soft sandy beach overlooking beautiful Carters Creek and our lush golf green. Our staff provides moment by moment commentary
ensuring a fair and fun game. Beach Olympics is professionally staffed with referees who provide a warm up routine, game instructions and score keeping. Medals are also provided for the winning team.

Kayak Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of Carters Creek with one of our
Activities Coordinators. Tours last approximately one hour.

Photo Quest Scavenger Hunt

You are just a snap, click, and shot away from the finish line. This will test your creativity and willingness to think outside of the box. On a resort-wide excursion, you must collect a group of images. Your tools: your smart Android or Apple device, clues to lead the way, and your teammates ideas! Good luck and happy snapping!

Scavenger Hunt

The Tour de Irvington Scavenger Hunt is a riveting dive into the culture and charm of the Tides Inn and the surrounding town of Irvington. From the given set of clues, each team must acquire items and information about the area. Acquisitions are given varying point values.

Teams are given 50 minutes to solve as many clues as possible. The team with the most points at the end will be deemed Tour de Irvington champion!

Croquet Tournament

Enjoy some lively competition in this traditional lawn game. Use our official course for a round-robin tournament. An officiant will explain the rules and ensure that they are followed. Prizes may be awarded.

Croquet and Chardonnay

Enjoy the “Queen of Games” on the Croquet Lawn at the Tides Inn. Chardonnay, expertly paired with hors d'oeuvres, are off-boundary as players balance between wickets and wine. Other wines available upon request
at resort price per bottle.

Ask about our enhancement pricing for dress-up trunks, acoustic guitarists, custom group scorecards and wine glasses.

Horse Racing

Cheer your horse to victory in this exciting game that everyone will love. Test your luck while playing this traditional horse racing parlor game, a long-standing Tides Inn tradition.

Group Yoga

Come together to unwind and breathe in relaxation. Whether you are trying
something new or are an experienced yogi, you will enjoy a nice session of stretching, core exercise, and balance work with our certified instructor.

Paddle Board Yoga

Ever wonder how the horizon looks upside-down? Ride the waves of relaxation and practice some interesting poses in this truly unique yoga class that takes place on Carters Creek. This 90 minute class with certified instructor includes a short overview of the basics of paddle boarding. No previous yoga experience is required.

Boot Camp Obstacle Course

Into extreme fitness? Have a team or individual competition in events that could include agility drills, tire flipping, box jumping, swimming, sprinting, etc. Our certified instructor can work with you to put together a course that puts participants to the test.

Tennis Tournaments

Nothing displays character like the thrill of competition! Sportsmanship, skill, and endurance all on display while enjoying a round-robin style mini-tournament by either team or individual.

Bourbon Tasting

Bourbon, otherwise known as American whiskey, is our only true native spirit. There’s an art to bourbon tasting, and our event allows guests to have a diverse and educational experience.

Attendees will learn to sniff, chew, and pair a variety of bourbons from large, well-known brands, to more obscure small-batch bourbons from boutique distilleries.