Your Partner on the Path to Wellbeing: Saleena Meredith

November 14, 2023

Initially pursuing a career in physical therapy, Tides Inn Wellness Guide, Saleena discovered her passion for nutrition and wellbeing during her education. With a solid foundation from working closely with personal trainers and physical therapists, Saleena developed techniques that genuinely enhance people’s everyday lives. 

 Saleena can now be found at the resort, indoors and outdoors with guests, guiding them towards their personal fitness and wellbeing goals. When asked what she loves most about her role, she mentioned it’s the people, her colleagues and resort guests.  

“I immerse myself in the guest experience,” she remarked. “I witness their excitement and share their love for the Chesapeake Bay region. It’s a driving force for me in providing unforgettable fitness and wellness experiences. 

One of the things that truly sets Saleena apart is her commitment to providing a personalized wellness experience for each guest. At the Tides Inn, fitness classes are intentionally kept small to ensure an intimate setting. Saleena takes advantage of this by working out alongside her clients. This hands-on approach allows her to demonstrate the correct form and make small adjustments, giving you the best experience possible. 

Wellness Workshops

According to Saleena, the Morning Stretch class is one of the resort’s best-kept secrets, and it’s her personal favorite.   

“You don’t quite understand the full benefits until you take the class,” she says. “Starting your day with this relaxing session sets the tone for a day filled with energy and liveliness.”  

As someone who has attended this class for almost two years, Saleena has experienced a dramatic transformation in her flexibility. This winter at the Tides Inn, Saleena will offer Total Body Sculpt and Mat Pilates.  

“It’s so rewarding to be able to help guests improve on their day-to-day activities and focus on their balance and strength,” says Saleena. To learn more about her current workshops, please click below.