Your Partner on the Path to Wellbeing: Saleena Meredith

November 14, 2023

Initially pursuing a career in physical therapy, Tides Inn Wellness Guide, Saleena discovered her passion for nutrition and wellbeing during her education. With a solid foundation from working closely with personal trainers and physical therapists, Saleena developed techniques that genuinely enhance people’s everyday lives. 

 Saleena can now be found at the resort, indoors and outdoors with guests, guiding them towards their personal fitness and wellbeing goals. When asked what she loves most about her role, she mentioned it’s the people, her colleagues and resort guests.  

“I immerse myself in the guest experience,” she remarked. “I witness their excitement and share their love for the Chesapeake Bay region. It’s a driving force for me in providing unforgettable fitness and wellness experiences. 

One of the things that truly sets Saleena apart is her commitment to providing a personalized wellness experience for each guest. At the Tides Inn, fitness classes are intentionally kept small to ensure an intimate setting. Saleena takes advantage of this by working out alongside her clients. This hands-on approach allows her to demonstrate the correct form and make small adjustments, giving you the best experience possible. 

Wellness Workshops

According to Saleena, the Morning Stretch class is one of the resort’s best-kept secrets, and it’s her personal favorite.   

“You don’t quite understand the full benefits until you take the class,” she says. “Starting your day with this relaxing session sets the tone for a day filled with energy and liveliness.”  

As someone who has attended this class for almost two years, Saleena has experienced a dramatic transformation in her flexibility. This winter at the Tides Inn, Saleena will offer Total Body Sculpt and Mat Pilates.  

“It’s so rewarding to be able to help guests improve on their day-to-day activities and focus on their balance and strength,” says Saleena. To learn more about her current workshops, please click below.


A Lifelong Passion for Art: Theresa Schneveis, Resident Artist

October 25, 2023
Art workshops and painting classes at the Tides Inn

As a young girl, Theresa Schneveis, the resort’s resident artist, spent countless hours combing the woods near her home in Medford, Wisconsin in search of twigs, rocks, and seepods. “I grew up very tied to nature,” says Theresa. “I spent a lot of time exploring forests, picking up treasures, and enjoyed learning about how the world we live in works.”

The Kilmarnock, Virginia resident, who went on to major in ceramics at University of Wisconsin-River Falls, found her passion to become an artist at an early age. “From the age of 18 months, I’ve been drawing and doing literally any creative project available to me,” says Theresa. “I’ve always wanted to do this. I feel extremely lucky that I grew up knowing my calling right away. There’s times I wish I was interested in being a doctor or lawyer or something, but in the end I’m glad I went with my heart and not my head.”

Winter Art Workshops

Now, Theresa, who teaches art classes such Pottery on The Wheel, Painting and Pinot, and newly launched Watercolor and Mimosa (a watercolor course aboard a river cruise), believes in the importance of fostering individual creativity and making art fun. “One of my major goals here is to show people that art isn’t scary, and it’s not just for people that are ‘good’ at it,” says Theresa. “Unfortunately, I can’t make classically-trained artists of everyone, but in order to do that you need a good base, which is what I like to offer. A good base means being open to create, willing to try new things knowing you’ll fail, having an inquisitive mind. I love teaching classes because I give students permission to play, to experiment, and to be okay making something ugly—because it happens to everyone, even me.”

This winter at the Tides Inn, Theresa will offer a wreath-making course using plants culled by the on-site horticulturist such as Golden Cedar, Virginia Pine, eucalyptus, and holly. She’s also leading a brand new candle-painting class utilizing colored melted wax. “It’s so fun to be able to customize candles for the season,” says Theresa.

In November and December, Theresa hosts a number of family-friendly art workshops the aforementioned Holiday Wreath Making class, a Gingerbread House Workshop, Holiday Card Making and Holiday Ornament Making in which guests create an ornament from clay, paint a pre-made one or utilize local materials, such as oyster shells and crab claws.


When do the Leaves Change in Virginia?

October 03, 2023
a forest with changing leaves

Planning a getaway to Virginia is never a bad idea, but if you’re hoping to visit when it’s particularly scenic and magical, fall is the time to go. Between the crisp and cool weather and brilliant orange trees, the autumn setting at the Tides Inn creates the perfect place to kick back and unwind.

In order to catch the hues of the season when they are bright and alive, it’s important to keep tabs on when the leaves change in Virginia. Matt Little, horticulturist at the Tides, says that the peak of fall foliage in Irvington is typically around Halloween.

At the end of October, most residents and visitors can expect to see vibrant varieties of red, yellow, and orange. Here’s what else you should know before planning your trip.

Use Local Resources

Before you book a flight or head on a road trip, be sure to check out the annual fall foliage report. Created by the Virginia Department of Forestry, this report shares a forecast map that displays when the prime leaf peeping time will be in each area of the state.

This year's forecast was recently released and shares that the ideal time to spot foliage in Irvington will likely be in late October to early November. Keep in mind that if you’re traveling along the western side of the state, the peak of fall foliage will occur in early to mid October.

For more details, you can download and save the map here.

fall foliage

Good to Know

If you time your stay in Irvington just right, you’ll be greeted by brilliant orange Maple Trees as you drive up to the Tides. “About half of the trees on our property have leaves that will change color in the fall,” says Little. The other half, like evergreens, will stay lush until the first frost.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the time the trees become bare can also vary from year to year. “The leaves are sometimes off by mid-November and sometimes they hang on until January,” Little explains. “We are so variable here that it’s hard to pinpoint an exact week.”

Your best bet for spotting the seasonal colors is to follow the guidance listed on the Virginia Department of Forestry fall foliage forecast. Whether the leaves are intact and ready to show off or they’re starting to flake off of their branches, an escape to the Tides Inn is always worth the trek.

fall leaves in the water

Best Leaf Peeping Spots (and their distances from the Tides Inn)

  • Dameron Marsh Natural Area Preserve (14 miles)
  • Hickory Hollow Natural Area Preserve (11 miles)
  • Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge (27 miles)
  • Belle Isle State Park (21 miles)
  • Forest Trail or Garden Tour (at Tides Inn)

12 Ways to Celebrate Fall in Virginia

September 14, 2023
fall colors on the water

Virginia is a picturesque spot for a fall getaway, whether you’re seeking some solo time or you’re traveling as a family. From the vibrant autumn colors to the quaint coastal plains, visitors coming to the Tides Inn can enjoy all of the iconic fall activities that Virginia has to offer.

Nestled in the Northern Neck region, the warm fall colors are typically on display on our grounds from mid to late October. If you’re planning a trip on the western side of the state, be aware that the foliage season starts earlier in the month.

With a special crispness to the air, traditional fall activities in Virginia will leave you with core memories that will last a lifetime. From pumpkin patches to picnic baskets, road trips and cozy cider tastings, you will find all of this and more near the Tides this fall. Here are 13 ways to celebrate during your stay.

Urbanna Oyster Festival

Hosted November 3 and 4, the iconic Urbanna Oyster Festival is a buzz-worthy event for tourists and locals alike. Venture just across the Rappahannock to indulge in the flavors of Virginia’s beloved shellfish. The occasion also boasts a parade, live music, food and an oyster shucking competition.

This year, you may catch a round-trip ride across the Rappahannock River on the Tides Inn Water Taxi. This exclusive offer for guests of the Tides Inn allows you to avoid the traffic, parking fees and stress of driving. The cost for a roundtrip ticket is $40 per person. To reserve, please contact our Concierge Team at 804.438.5000 or

Colors of Fall Helicopter Tour

This season is for new experiences and exploration. For the fall lovers who can’t get enough of the fiery foliage, consider a helicopter tour to take in nature’s most vibrant time of the year. From the bright colors of the mountains to the yellow hues near the bay, a helicopter tour is sure to leave you in awe of all Virginia has to offer.

Dameron Marsh Natural Area Preserve

Searching for a tranquil excursion that will take you to one of the most significant wetlands along the Chesapeake Bay? Your drive will showcase Virginia’s fall foliage if you didn’t get enough from the Tide’s new nature trail.

The preserve is known for its vast wildlife and marsh-bird communities. Enjoy the fresh air and keep your eyes peeled for a variety of critters. If you enjoyed the peaceful marsh walk, consider stopping by Hickory Hollow Natural Area Preserve, Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge or Belle Isle State Park next.

The Spa

A new season offers a new reason to prioritize yourself. The fall represents a shift in direction—the days get shorter and darker, and the air gets crisper and cooler. We slowly shift into cozy weather and say goodbye to long summer nights. Unwind and fall into this new season with a self-care day by booking a service at the Tides Inn Spa. Detoxify and hydrate your skin with a body scrub or treat yourself to a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage.

Live Music at Camp Irvington

The warmth of the fire pits underneath the glow of string lights creates the perfect setting to enjoy a fall sunset and live music. A new addition to our town of Irvington, Camp is casual yet inviting—the ideal spot to unwind on your getaway. As far as entertainment goes, a variety of musicians play every Saturday and Sunday. Grab a blanket and get cozy as you relax under the stars.

Carter's Creek Sunset Cruise

After exploring all that Irvington and the surrounding area has to offer on foot, take in the stunning coastline views by setting sail on a cruise at the Tides. Rich with history, our Sunset Cruise will educate you on the background of Carter’s Creek as you take in the sweeping waterfront views, of course complete with a glass of wine.

8 Shires Colonial Distillery

Located in the Triangle of Williamsburg, Virginia, 8 Shires Distillery embodies the history of distillation from the Colonial American Period. 8 Shires is known for using historic recipes and ingredients for their small craft batches. Stop by for a sip or partake in a behind-the-scenes tour to experience the production up close and personal. After all, nothing says fall quite like bourbon.

Garden Tour

Bike to the Tides Inn Farm and enjoy a tour of the pollinator gardens, vegetable garden and Bee Meadow with our horticulturist, Matt Little. A seasoned expert on all things trees and plants, Matt can comment on the changing leaves, the growth of pumpkins and gourds and how the shift in weather impacts our beloved bee population. This 30-minute experience is the perfect afternoon activity for adults and kids alike.

Saude Creek Vineyards

Virginia is home to nearly 300 wineries, so there is certainly no shortage of local varieties to explore. Several wine festivals take place throughout the fall months, offering visitors and locals a chance to sample the seasonal best.

Saude Creek Vineyards is only a 40 minute drive from the Tides Inn, and once you arrive, the hillside tables will surround you with beautiful foliage. Head to the vineyard on the weekend and you can enjoy bites from The Scottish Pig, a local food truck favorite.

Ditchley Cider Works

Ditchley produces more than 50 varieties of ciders from apples grown directly on the property. In addition to cider, this small, veteran-owned and operated farm produces pork, beef and poultry products. Set on a picturesque property that includes orchards, pastures, wooded areas and over two miles of natural shoreline, this is a hidden gem located just under ten miles from the Tides. On your way back to the Inn, indulge in the fall flavors that come to life in the freshly made ciders.

Holly Fork Farms

Family-friendly activities that will transport you to your youth can be found at Holly Fork Farm. From hay rides and scavenger hunts to harvest vendors and fresh veggies, this is the perfect pumpkin patch and picnic pavilion for your whole crew to enjoy.

Visit a Historic Site

Virginia is home to several historic sites, one being Historic Christ Church and Museum, which is just a 5 minute drive from our property. The 1735 church is a landmark that is in near-original condition and is considered as one of America’s greatest buildings. Two other spots to check out include the Steamboat Era Museum and Mary Ball Washington Museum where you can discover, learn and explore more about the history of the area surrounding the Tides.