art room at the Tides Inn hotel containing easels and art supplies on long tables

Fall 2021 Artists in Residence

September 11 & 12, September 21 & 22, October 16 & 17, November 9 & 10

Collaborating with area artists, the Tides Inn presents art-filled workshops for our guests. Hosted in our newly created Maker Space – a light-filled, interactive studio, each hands-on workshop is led by artists who are also exceptional educators.

Meet the Artists

Claire Jensen, Ceramic Artist + Educator

Claire Jensen, based in Richmond, is an artist, maker, and educator. Teaching ceramics and photography at a high school and Visual Arts Center of Richmond, she hails from Harrisonburg, VA – in the foothills of the Allegheny and Appalachian Mountains. There, she developed a deep appreciation for nature and the beauty in all things organic. She works predominantly with clay, as she is drawn to its raw origins and tangible possibilities. Striving to bring art into the everyday, Claire uses her ceramic pieces to enhance the aesthetics of life.

photo of Claire Jensen creating small objects out of clay

Molly Reeder, Painter, Stylist +Educator

Living around the world – from Hawaii to Bulgaria to New Zealand – Molly Reeder is a Richmond-based painter and stylist, specializing in botanicals and food illustration. She paints large scale, detailed watercolors of edible plant-based subjects to highlight their unique shape and beauty. Molly seeks meaningful collaborations through the lens of her artwork, where her paintings and illustrations help to support and showcase community efforts for LGBTQ, BIPOC & other minority run organizations. Co-organizing Richmond Bakers Against Racism, she sees food styling and baking as complimentary focuses that serve a symbiotic relationship to her work. Her work has been featured in such publications as Saveur Magazine, Taproot Magazine and Bake From Scratch, naming her as one of the top dozen bakers in America for 2018.

woman in an art room surrounded by plants while painting

Artist in Residence Class Offerings

Watercolor Workshops: Landscape and Botanical Nature Painting, 90 minutes

Led by artist, Molly Reeder, you may choose from two watercolor painting workshops – a “plein air” landscape class or a botanical nature workshop. The landscape workshop takes you outside to explore painting either an object from nature (such as a seashell, a flower or a leaf) or a landscape. Learn how to compose a beautiful image on paper, adapt in pencil and then add watercolor. For the botanical nature class, held in the Maker Space, you may choose from several subjects, such as freshly picked blossoms from our new wildflower field. Suitable for all levels of painters. Inclement weather location is the Osprey Room. $150 per person

Offered on the following days:

Landscape: September 21, September 22, October 16, October 17, November 9, November 10
Botanical Nature: September 21, October 16, November 9

Beginner Pottery Wheel Experience, 2 hours

Ceramic artist, Claire Jensen, leads an introduction to pottery’s most interesting tool, the pottery wheel. Your masterpiece will be fully fired and glazed by our team and sent to your home. $225 per person

Offered throughout the fall on these days:

Sunday, September 12 at 10am
Saturday, October 16 at 2pm
Sunday, October 17 at 10am
Tuesday, November 9 at 2pm
Wednesday, November 10 at 10am

Pottery & Pinot, 2 hours

With your choice of Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio, join pottery instructor, Claire Jensen, for a fun beginner class and a glass or two – including small bites from our culinary team. $150 per person

Offered at 5pm on the following days:

Saturday, September 11
Saturday, October 16
Tuesday, November 9

All classes are hosted in the Maker Space, except Botanical Nature, which will be outdoors. Please make a reservation by emailing

art room at the Tides Inn hotel containing easels and art supplies on long tables