oysters on ice in a glass bowl

River Ecology

Led by the Tides Inn ecologist, Will Smiley, these new experiences were created to foster a deeper connection to the natural world and the beautiful waterways that surround our resort.

William Smiley

At the Tides Inn, Smiley lends his expertise to working on the water and informing guests of the living aspects of Carter’s Creek and the Rappahannock River, including growing more oysters to create better water quality and educating guests on their key role in the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Smiley believes the Tides Inn is at the center of the Chesapeake Bay’s oyster industry and that oysters are an icon of sustainability-balancing people, profit, and planet.

Smiley’s goal as the Tides Inn Ecologist is to have guests leave the resort with a better sense of stewardship and the desire to help waterways near their hometown. “We all live downstream from someone else, and we all need to do our part to protect water as a valuable resource.”

man wearing cap with sunglasses on top of it and lake behind him