A Treasured Past

American made and family built, the Tides Inn has been a staple in the community of Irvington, Virginia since its opening on July 15, 1947. It was a play of play. A place for families. A place to come together and relish in the charm of the Chesapeake. Today, Enchantment Group has carried the All-American resort into a new era with countless activities on land and by sea, inviting travelers to create their own traditions rooted in rich heritage.

woman and man standing beside each other

The Story of Two Amateurs

E.A. Stephens and his wife Ann, fondly remembered as Big Steve and Miss Ann, purchased land then known as Ashburn Farm in 1945 because they, “thought it was an attractive piece of property.” Little did they know, the Stephens family twist on Southern hospitality would make way for nearly 75 years of timeless traditions on Carter’s Creek.

A Timeline of Tradition