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Team Building Experiences Unique To Our Beautiful, Private Waterfront Setting

We invite you to explore options including Sailboat Racing, Introduction to Traditional Navigation, Liquor Locker Memory Challenge and The “Garden of Virginia” Culinary Exploration.

Building Meaningful Connections

group of people Sailboat Racing

Sailboat Racing

Our on-site sailing school, Premier Sailing, offers team building though sailboat racing. Use racing to build your team’s confidence through a common experience and an exciting opportunity to work together to achieve a common goal. No previous sailing experience is necessary.

March-October $180 per person, 5 to 10 participants. $300 organization fee.

Marina with boats and kayaks

Kayak Regatta

Invite your team onto the water where they will enjoy the beauty of Carter’s Creek, engage in a bit of healthy competition and celebrate the thrill of victory upon crossing the finish line. Each participating team member will have the chance to take the lead.

March-October $30 per person, 6 to 20 participants. Facilitator fee not included.

Outline of a boat with two paddles on the shore

Build A Better Boat

Our Boat Building experience is based on the ambitious notion that each team will be able to construct a seaworthy boat able to carry one passenger from a few meager supplies. This requires collaborative and creative teamwork at its best. With the building exercises complete, your teams take to the water for a competitive, exhilarating – sometimes humorous — regatta with one team earning the right to take home the trophy.

Year-Round $50 per person, 20 or more participants.

Silhouette of person using navigation instrument

Introduction to Traditional Navigation

Delve into the mysteries of dead reckoning, plotting a course, getting a fix and plotting your position. Using charts, parallel rules and dividers you will learn the basic navigation skills that took sailors around the globe for centuries.

Year-Round $30 per person, facilitator fee not included. Any number of participants.

Diagram of four types of knots

Boat Smarts

Perfect for groups, this on-the-land boating workshop will teach you nautical terminology, useful knots and many other basics to make you look like a pro on your next boating excursion. Ideal for team and relationship building exercises.

Year-Round $30 per person, facilitator fee not included. Any number of participants.

Three people on a sail boat

Boating Basics – How Much Do You Know?

This experience will empower your colleagues to be more confident crew members when on the water. Whether they are welcomed aboard power or sailing vessels, they will be able to engage with and even assist their hosts, which is an excellent way to build rapport and friendships. Our time together will include conversations about preparing dock lines, right of way rules, understanding limitations of other boats, using VHF radio and boating etiquette.

Year-Round $30 per person, facilitator fee not included. Up to 30 participants.

bottle of whisky in a wooden display case

Liquor Locker Memory Challenges

Learn the storied past of the Tides Inn’s antique liquor lockers and “liquor runs” along the Chesapeake through this unique memory-based experience. Hundreds of mahogany lockers and brass keys provide the foundation for the ultimate challenge. The level of complexity of the experience depends on the number of lockers you choose to put into play. We will work with you to customize the program as either an individual or a team challenge.

Year-Round $30 per person, facilitator fee not included. 10 to 20 participants.

oysters on ice and cooked seafood on white table

The “Garden of Virginia” Culinary Exploration

Known variously as “the garden of Virginia” and “the Athens of the New World,” the Northern Neck is a 61-mile peninsula bracketed by the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. From oysters and seafood to farm fresh ingredients, the region has a deep agricultural history and rich culinary tradition. In fact, the land on which the Tides Inn resides today was once a bustling farm. In celebration of this, we invite you and your guests to join one of our engaging chefs on a journey through the fascinating history of the region while you learn new techniques for preparing some of our favorite dishes. All participants leave with a brief history, shopping lists, recipes and wine suggestions so they are able to recreate the day’s experiences for family members, friends and colleagues.

Year-Round beginning at $75 per person, facilitator fee not included. 6 to 26 participants.

people playing Croquet on a Lawn

Croquet & Chardonnay

Enjoy the Queen of Games on our waterfront Croquet Lawn. Chardonnay, expertly paired with hors d’oeuvres, is served as players balance between wickets and wine. This experience may be turned into a competitive environment or be left as more of a social mix-and-mingle at the end of a day of productive meetings.

Year-Round $60 per person, facilitator & bartending fee not included. Up to 30 participants.

glasses of bourbon

Bourbon Tasting

Few know that Virginia is the birthplace of America’s bourbon. Allow our Bourbon Steward to challenge your guests’ palates through the exploration of nuance, color, aroma, chew and finish. Their newfound knowledge of “the art of the chew” will give them an opportunity to enliven social gatherings for years to come.

Year-Round $60 per person, bartending fee not included. Between 4 and 12 participants.

art room display case with art tools next to two easels

Creativity & Artistic Expression: Tides Inn Maker Space

Whether you favor pottery, painting, pastels or sketching we will work with you to design a customized artistic experience in our beautiful new Maker Space for the members of your team. Creating art can be a welcome break from the focus and intensity of meetings. We have found arts programming to have a calming, relaxing effect that allows people to wind down and relate to their colleagues in an entirely different way. These artistic events may be scheduled into the middle of the day or as a welcome way to bring the day to a close.

Year-Round $100 per person, facilitator fee not included. Between 2 and 12 participants.