Tides Inn Bike Fleet

Partners at the Tides Inn

At the Tides Inn, we place focus on heritage, maritime, and most of all, an undeniable dedication to hospitality. It is with the help of our cherished local and US-based partners that guests experience the best of the south at Virginia’s beloved coastal resort.


Copper Fox Distillery

The celebrated distillery is unique in using local fruitwoods to gently smoke and dry their grains, sourced entirely from one farmer in Virginia’s Northern Neck. A private label rye whiskey, developed collaboratively with lead distiller Rick Wasmund and our Executive Chef in winter 2020, resulted in a dynamic flavor milder than typical rye. This exclusive profile offers floral notes and hints of peach from the peachwood, making it the perfect spirit to sip or serve in a handcrafted cocktail.

Learn more: copperfoxdistillery.com


Premier Sailing

Phil and Arabella Denvir, a pair of Irish sailors who spent years cruising and racing in Europe, moved to the US in 1998 to establish Premier Sailing. Located opposite the Tides Inn on Carter’s Creek, the school’s experienced instructors teach guests of all ages the nostalgic sport of sailing in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

Learn more: premiersailing.com


Dug In Farms

This sustainably grown, community-supported co-op is located in White Stone, Virginia—just 10 minutes away from the Tides Inn by car. The farm, which sells fruits, herbs and vegetables grown exclusively in Virginia’s Northern Neck, supplies us with much of the fresh produce used in Chesapeake Restaurant and Fish Hawk.

Learn more: duginfarms.com


John J. Bowman Distillery

Smith Bowman’s distilling roots date back to the years before prohibition when the Bowman family had a granary and dairy farm in Sunset Hills, Virginia where excess grain from the family estate was used to distill spirits. In 1934, after the repeal of prohibition, Abram Smith Bowman opened the distillery as the first licensed distillery in the state of Virginia. To this day, his sons hold the family tradition by continuing to feed the distillers grains to the dairy cattle. Since 2018, our guests can enjoy a private label single barrel John J. Bowman bourbon served exclusively in Chesapeake Restaurant and the View Room bar.



Born out of deep respect and admiration of the two-wheeled lifestyle found in Europe, Rob Forbes established PUBLIC in 2010. Forbes’ American-made bikes are functional, stylish and reminiscent of a classic Dutch frame. Beginning spring 2020, a fleet of charming navy PUBLIC bikes are available for the exclusive use of our guests to explore the historic town of Irvington.

Learn more: publicbikes.com


Harry Barker

Since its inception, Harry Barker has offered an array of pet accessories and artisanal products beloved by pets and their humans. Founded by former fashion model Carol Perkins in 1997, the brand continues its dedication to sustainable practices while maintaining craftsmanship and aesthetic integrity. Following our resort refinements in 2020, we are pleased to offer Harry Barker dog beds and ceramic bowls for each of our four-legged guests.

Learn more: harrybarker.com