Renovation Notice

During your time with us, the Chesapeake Restaurant will be closed for renovation. Our Chesapeake chefs and service staff will continue their tradition of offering you warm hospitality and waterfront dining the months of November through March in the beautiful Osprey Room. Here, you will enjoy our complete menus, featuring delicious, seasonally inspired dishes, for breakfast and dinner daily.

Breaking with tradition, our seasonal waterfront restaurant, Fish Hawk, will remain open November through March for lunch daily, thus offering you the best that all of our talented chefs have to offer. We highly encourage you to reserve seating in the Osprey Room in advance of your arrival. Please call 804.438.4457 to let us know your preferred dates and times for dining at the Tides.

We will be excited to share the details of our reimagined dining venue with you soon and will look forward to welcoming you when the space reopens in April 2024!

Please Note: The entire resort will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the months of November through March, except for the last week of December 2023 and the first week of January 2024.

Recent Guest Comments

  • We had two dinners in the Osprey Room. Both were delicious and the service was very good. We also had two breakfasts there, and a couple of the folks taking care of breakfast diners then were at a different level, especially the lady at the check-in desk. The food was still great, and we had no problems to speak of.
    Richard Boykin, VA
  • The food was delicious at both restaurants and in room dining. I highly recommend the poke bowl and poke tacos. At the Chesapeake Restaurant I had the fried shrimp and grits. Along with the fried Brussels sprouts! The bread rolls and butter were delicious as well!
    Teruo Toyama, VA
  • We partook of the Thanksgiving brunch as well as a dinner on the Sunday evening following Thanksgiving. With the primary dining area under renovation, the substitute rooms that we dined in were adequate and nicely arranged.
    Chris Chadeayne, VA
  • We also enjoyed 3 meals including Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room and could not have been more pleased. Everything we had was delicious and the service was superb. We do hope our travel plans will allow for us to return in the future.
    Carol Ovios, VA