Staff Information

Employee Emergency Communication Protocol


The Tides Inn Emergency Communication Plan for Employees was established to ensure there is a coordinated and effective plan to communicate general emergency information, work status and work assignments before, during and after an emergency. It is also to ensure we receive contact information and employee/family health and wellness during an emergency.

Effective employee communication during an emergency is of utmost importance and requires the support of the entire organization. Multiple communication methods will be used in order to have redundancy in case of technology failures due to emergency or other catastrophic conditions. The Emergency Communication Plan describes the communication methods that will be utilized and delegates responsibilities to the workforce in general to ensure the success of the program. 


Emergency Call Center: (928) 282-2900
Enchantment Resort functions as the Tides Inn emergency information hotline when the Emergency Communications Plan is activated. The Call Center will be provided information to respond to general employee questions during an emergency. In addition, the Call Center will coordinate contact information from employees and ascertain their general health and well-being.  

Emergency Email –
A designated email address will be monitored to collect and disseminate pertinent information from employees.

The Resort Manager and the Human Resources Director are responsible for the information updates and the coordination of employee information.