Signature Experiences 


In the South, there is a tradition of burying an unopened bottle of bourbon one month before a wedding at the ceremony site to ensure good weather on the day of the event, and a long loving marriage well into the future.

Couples at the Tides Inn are honored with a bottle of their favorite bourbon and the key to one of the resort’s antique liquor lockers in which to home it, along with unopened memories and well wishes from family and friends until their wedding night. 

The bourbon and letters can either be opened at the reception for a celebratory toast, or at an enhanced post-reception beach bonfire to close of the evening. Starting at $35 per person.


“Tying the Knot” is a symbol of lasting unity, representing the tying together of two lives and destinies.

In this special nod to the Tides Inn’s nautical location, a Fisherman’s Knot will be tied during the ceremony and become a keepsake for the couple.

For daytime events, the couple can depart in style on a private sail boat for two, while their loved one’s bid them bon voyage onto life’s sweetest voyage. On the boat, couples will have the optoin to enjoy a Chef’s selections of artisanal cheeses and fine wines.

Starting at $45 per person. Sailing excursion - $400 per couple.


Long known as the ultimate romantic indulgent pairing for western palates, oysters and champagne are a sophisticated addition to a nuptial or anniversary. Complimented by the Tides Inn’s idyllic location where the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail meets the Virginia Oyster Trail, provides fresh, local fare at its finest. 

Champagne and oysters makes for an elegant pre-reception cocktail hour, or enjoy an oyster roast as a more casual reception addition, with shucking and pairing demonstrations from the Tides Inn’s culinary team. Starting at $55 per person.